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Rear Panel & Lights

  C-349 Tail Light Lens - Left

used is up to $750 depending on condition; can refurbish your chrome surround for $200
  C-350 Tail Light Lens - Right

used is up to $750 depending on condition; can refurbish your chrome surround for $200
  C-351 Rear Fog Light Assembly, Euro-version

new lense only is $99; used assy' is $130
  C-352 Single Filament Bulb

  C-353 Dual Filament Bulb

  C-354 Halogen Single Filament Bulb (see notes!)

Intended for intermittent use only as a turn signal or brake light bulb. This lamp is 3 times brighter than a conventional bulb, but also much hotter.
  C-355b License light assembly, in bumper

2 req.
  C-355p License light assembly, on rear panel

2 req.; currently n/a
  C-356 Tail Light Bulb

  C-357 Tail Light Socket [Used]

specify L or R (also sell refurbished for $125 each)
  C-358 Rear License Plate Bracket

  C-359 White Plastic Knurled Nut for Tail Light Socket

4 req (set sells for $24)
  C-360 License Light Bulb

  CS-302 Rear Marker Lens

red lens only (2 req) for US-version cars
  CS-303 Rear Marker Assy'

red lense + rubber-and-metal base & bulb holder (2 req), for US-version cars
  C-315 Rear Blind (Tail Panel Moulding), US

used only; no cut-out for rear fog light; specify holes for license lights or not, and for E9 or 2000 CS
  C-316 Rear Blind (Tail Panel Moulding), Euro

Has cutout for rear fog light.  Used only.

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