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Bumper, Front

Bumper, Rear

Door Trim & Seals

Front Grilles & Lights

Hood Trim

Locks & Keys

Quarter Windows

Rear Panel & Lights

Sun Roof

Trunk Trim

Windshields & Glass


Sheet Metal


Engine & Drivetrain

Suspension & Brakes


CSL Parts

Alpina Parts

Performance Parts


  C-319 C-Pillar Badge, Cloisonné, Early-Style

vintage used also available for $120
  C-319b C-Pillar Badge, aluminum, Late-Style [Used only]

  C-319c Rubber Gasket for C-Pillar Badge

  C-319d Chrome Surround for C-Pillar Badge

rechromed originals (new ones are currently N/A)
  C-320 CSL Trunk Badge

  C-320a CS Trunk Badge

currently n/a new; price is for restored used part
  C-320b CSi Trunk Badge

  C-320c 3.0 Trunk Badge

currently n/a new; price is for restored used part
  C-320d 2800 Trunk Badge [Used]

  C-320e C Trunk Badge for 2800CS [Used]

  C-320f S Trunk Badge for 2800CS

  C-320g "Automatic" Trunk Badge

also have used for $20
  C-317 Roundel for Hood

aluminum, w/integral base and raised lettering
  C-317a Roundel for Hood (Modern-Style)

aluminum and plastic, smooth surface
  C-317b Roundel for Trunk

aluminum and plastic, smooth surface (only type currently available)
  CS-203 Roundel for Wheel Cap

specify CS, CSi or CSL wheel, as size varies comes on hubcap; these are for renewing old hubcaps; Alpina emblems also available
  C-317c Roundel for Hood or Trunk, to use with original chrome base

aluminum with raised lettering; requires separate base
  C-317d Roundel grommet

2 on each roundel (hood & trunk; c-pillar badge grommets N/A)
  J-104 Badge grommet (white plastic)


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