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Bumper, Rear

Door Trim & Seals

Front Grilles & Lights

Hood Trim

Locks & Keys

Quarter Windows

Rear Panel & Lights

Sun Roof

Trunk Trim

Windshields & Glass


Sheet Metal


Engine & Drivetrain

Suspension & Brakes


CSL Parts

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Performance Parts


  CS-619 L Quarter Panel Moulding

  CS-612 Nose moulding

  CS-617 L Fender Moulding

  CS-618 L Door Moulding

  CS-620 R Fender Moulding

  CS-621 R Door Moulding

  CS-622 R Quarter Panel Moulding

  CS-623 L Drip Rail Moulding

  CS-624 R Drip Rail Moulding

  CS-616 Rocker Panel Mouldings

specify L&R (same as A-018/9 in sheet metal section)
  C-315 Rear Blind (Tail Panel Moulding), US

used only; no cut-out for rear fog light; specify holes for license lights or not
  C-316 Rear Blind (Tail Panel Moulding), Euro

Has cutout for rear fog light.  $300 used.
  CS-624a Moulding attachment kit

nuts & bolts to attach mouldings with (45 of each)
  CS-631 Top-of-door-glass moulding, L

  CS-632 Top-of-door-glass moulding, R

  D-405 Chrome Door Top Strip - Left [Used]

  D-406 Chrome Door Top Strip - Right [Used]

  CS-633 Chrome Quarter Panel Top Strip - Left [Used]

  CS-634 Chrome Quarter Panel Top Strip - Right [Used]

  D-440 Molding for vertical gasket - Left

  D-441 Molding for vertical gasket - Right

  D-465 Door and Rear Panel Chrome Trim Strip, Upper/Lower, Long/Short [Used]

2 req. per panel (all currently n/a)
  D-427 Front Windshield Molding - Left

  D-428 Front Windshield Molding - Right

  D-429 Windshield Moulding Joint

4 on the car (used for $12.50 each)
  D-432 Rear Windshield Molding - Right

refurbished used only (or we can refurbish yours for $150)
  D-431 Rear Windshield Molding - Left

refurbished used only (or we can refurbish yours for $150)

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