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Bumper, Front

Bumper, Rear

Door Trim & Seals

Front Grilles & Lights

Hood Trim

Locks & Keys

Quarter Windows

Rear Panel & Lights

Sun Roof

Trunk Trim

Windshields & Glass


Sheet Metal


Engine & Drivetrain

Suspension & Brakes


CSL Parts

Alpina Parts

Performance Parts

Locks & Keys

  E-501 Trunk Lock

Includes 2 new all-metal keys, cut to the lock.
  E-502 Valet Key (opens doors and ignition), Cut

  E-503 Trunk Lock Rekeying Service

  E-504 Trunk Key, Cut

  E-505 Ignition Key, Cut

Cut from all-metal blank.
  E-506 Ignition Lock with Keys

price is for up to 4/72 & includes 2 new all-metal keys; for 4/72 up is $299
  E-507 Ignition Switch with harness

Includes short ignition wiring harness; good for all CS models
  E-507a Ignition switch + steering lock assembly

Includes pot metal tube between switch and lock; for 4/72 up (currently n/a)
  E-507b Ignition Lock Cover

Black plastic cover, where key goes in.
  E-508 Ignition Lock Rekeying Service

  E-509 Door Lock - Left

used only, without key (rekeying is another $75, and includes 1 key)
  E-510 Door Lock - Right

used only, without key (rekeying is another $75, and includes 1 key)
  E-511 Lock Rekeying Service (Door, Ignition, Trunk)

price is to rekey 1 lock
  E-512 Door Key, Cut

cut from all-metal blank
  E-513 Door Lock Set, Complete - New

Includes 2 matching all-metal keys, trunk, both doors & ignition locks (currently n/a)
  E-514 Door Lock Set, Complete [Used]

used locks only, no keys, and does not include trunk lock (rekeying is another $75 per lock, and includes 1 key)
  E-515 Spare Key, Uncut (Rubber Head)

  E-516 Spare Key, Uncut (all Metal)

  E-517 Door Lock Gasket

goes between lock and door (2 req.)
  E-518 Door Handle Rubber Bumper

under outer door handle (2 on each handle)

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