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1974 3.0CSi project--SOLD 6/19

Inka/Black fabric, California blue plate car, most likely imported in the early 80s. Quite dry. Being sold as a rolling shell, but fairly complete. Does not have an engine, transmission, dash, wood, bumpers, etc., as can be seen in the photos. Seats and door panels are present. It is an original Inka-color car, very rare in a CS or CSi, repainted once, with A/C, crank front windows, power rear windows, and no sunroof. Rocker panels are in great shape, as are shock towers and fenders. $20,000.

Inka CSi L fr

Inka CSi R fr

Inka CSi R rr

Inka CSi L rr

Inka CSi R rocker

Inka L rocker

Inka CSi eg L

Inka CSi steering

Inka CSi seats

Inka CSi headliner

Inka CSi L fr floorpan

Inka CSi R fr floorpan

Inka CSi R rr floorpan

Inka CSi L rr floorpan

Inka CSi L fender inner

Inka CSi R fender inner

Inka CSi spare tire bay

Inka CSi gas tank

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