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1967 2000CS--SOLD 6/19

Malaga/black vinyl, US-version, 4-speed, rare A/C, repainted (10 years ago), new Dunlop tires; very original except for CD player and Weber carburetors, with only 143,000 km (92,000 mi) on it; runs great. $30,000.

Malaga R fr

Malaga L

Malaga L rr

Malaga R rr

Malaga rear

Malaga engine L

Malaga engine R

Malaga L interior

Malaga R interior

Malaga dash

Malaga speedo

Malaga console

Malaga rear AC

Malaga back seat

Malaga headliner

Malaga trunk

Malaga rr underside

Malaga tire

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