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Miscellaneous Alpina Parts

AP-001 early Alpina tachometer for 1600 & 2002

AP-002 air filter element for 2002 TI airbox

2 req
AP-003 front spoiler for 1600/2002

AP-004 late 4-spoke steering wheel

wheel only (no hub or horn button
AP-005 late 4-spoke steering wheel assy'

wheel, hub, & horn button
AP-006 late horn button for all Alpina steering wheels

with black surround (early with chrome surround is n/a)
AP-007 late Alpina trunk lid badge

AP-008 extra 3-gauge cluster for 1600/2002

gauges not included
AP-009 wheel cap emblem, 51mm

for 1600, 2002, E21, E30, etc.
AP-010 wheel cap emblem, 59mm

for CS, etc.
AP-011 large Alpina logo sticker

for spoiler, fenders, windshield, lower tail panel, etc.; also have in "BMW ALPINA", in both black and white (call for price)
AP-012 late Alpina airbox for 6 cylinder engine (B2, B2/S)

Cast aluminum airbox/plenum with 70mm inlet from air filter & 20mm connection to breather; requires 90 degree carb adaptors
AP-013 carb adaptors for airbox for 6 cylinder engine (B2, B2/S)

Cast aluminum elbows for use with airbox/plenum (comes w/studs for airbox)(3 req)
AP-014 intake manifolds for carb adaptors for airbox, for 6 cylinder engine (B2, B2/S)

Cast aluminum manifolds to be paired with elbows (adaptors) for use with airbox (3 req)
AP-015 aftermarket Alpina-style wheels

price is for each wheel; come in either 5- or 4- lug, for either CS or '02 use; shipped with the 51mm Alpina emblem shown above, on center cap

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