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1972 3.0CSL--SOLD 3/12

Verona/black Scheel interior, runs beautifully; very dry, correct and original; recently serviced, needs cosmetic restoration. VIN 2275205. It is a lightweight CSL with the correct configuration for this version--aluminum hood, trunk lid and doors, fiberglass rear bumper, no front bumper, manual windows, and no sway bars. Mileage is only 76,000 original kilometers, and the engine was rebuilt about 20,000 km ago. It was sold new in Italy, imported to California with a second Verona CSL and an M1, and then stored there since '88. The only rust we can find on it is in the spare tire bay. The car runs fine, but needs a full restoration, as can be seen from the photos. $96,500

verona csl R fr

verona csl R rr

verona csl R nose

verona csl nose

verona csl tail

verona csl dash

verona csl int R

verona csl back seat


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