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1970 CS project--SOLD 5/17

Black (was blue)/no interior, 4-speed transmission installed but engine is gone, BBS wheels; photos on trailer are of when it was purchased a few years ago; since then the outer body has been chemically stripped, and the engine compartment, trunk, and interior body sandblasted. The shock towers, firewall and spare tire bay are all clean. The floorpans have some holes but not too bad to need replacing. The outer rockers need repair. Comes with all parts as shown on vehicle on trailer; every other part is available from us, for an additional cost. This is a great opportunity to get a dry, already-prepped body for restoration or parts. Has a clean CA title. $7500.

black CS R

black CS L fr

black CS R rr

black CS R fr

black CS R rear

black CS headliner

black CS L inner door

black CS interior floors

black CS fr floor pans

black CS L fr shock tower

black CS cowl

black CS back seat floor

black CS rr floor pans

black CS R rocker


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