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1971 2800CS

Polaris (was Granada)/black, 3.5 liter engine w/Motronic injection, performance chip, & Stahl headers, 5-speed, LSD, A/C, upgraded brakes, strut brace, front & rear spoilers, Scheel rally seats, 17" wheels, upgraded p/w motors, battery moved to trunk, wooden sport steering wheel, plus other upgrades. Low mileage (around 100K), blue-plate CA car, body is straight and dry but needs paint. Runs great. $45,000 (click on photo for another)

Polaris CS R

Polaris CS L

Polaris CS fr

Polaris CS rear

Polaris CS fr seats

Polaris CS strg

Polaris CS interior L

Polaris CS back seat

Polaris CS door panel

Polaris CS engine R

Polaris CS engine L

Polaris CS tool kit

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