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1970 2800CS--SOLD 9/12

Verona/tan, 2800 automatic converted to 3.0 four-speed, twin Weber carbureters, overall very good condition, strong & dependable engine; all sheet metal is very good with the exception of some bubbling on the L side bottom fender behind the front-wheel cutout, at the rear-wheel cutout, and a little along the seam of the LF fender & engine bay. Very little rust when current owner bought it in ’07 & had underside scraped, rust-treated where necessary & undercoated. A few chips in the paint, crazing in one place, & some areas of the fenders below the trim strip lose shine some months after waxing. The interior is as new with replaced seats, carpet and logo floor mats; the headliner & door panels are excellent, all wood veneer is excellent except among the instruments where it’s cracked & a piece about an inch by half-inch at bottom is missing. Nardi steering wheel. The owner from 2000 to 2007 replaced the springs & shocks, starter motor, tie-rods & washer pump. Car has had exhaust replaced w/stainless system, the HVAC system rebuilt, & new front brakes. It has 15” Racing Dynamics wheels w/Yokohama Advan db tires, & comes with the original 14” wheels with tires, parts manual, two-volume service manual, & custom car cover. Mileage is 93,000 as when previous owner bought it (odo frozen so he didn’t bother to replace it nor has the current owner, who has only put 600-800 miles a year on it). $13,400.

2800CS L

2800CS R fr

2800cs R

2800CS L rr

2800cs rr

2800cs int L

2800CS fr & rr seats

2800CS L dr panel

2800CS trunk

2800CS eg L

2800CS eg R

2800CS wheel

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