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1975 3.0CSi project

Fjord/blue velour, 4-speed, injected, mileage only 64,000 km. Sold new in Italy and imported to the US, where it was used as a weekend driver by the owner until recently. He disassembled it to restore it, but lost interest and wants to sell it as-is. All the parts will come with the car, but it needs a complete restoration. --although seats, headliner and wood are still in very good condition. The engine still runs fine, but the car is not legal to drive at present (as can be seen in the photos). $62,000.

blue CS R front

blue CS R rear

blue CS nose

blue CS L fr

blue CS L rr

blue CS rear

blue CS console

BLue CS R interior

blue CS L interior

blue CS cluster

blue CS engine L

blue CS trunk

blue CS wheel

blue CS as it looked before disassembly - front

blue CS as it looked before disassembly - rear

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