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BMW CS Coupes and Alpina Cars For Sale

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CS Coupes For Sale

Browse our customers' cars for sale by clicking on a thumbnail photo below to see cars that are currently for sale, unless they're marked SOLD (in which case the date sold and price is also included, for reference). We aren’t a car dealer, but are just helping our customers reach potential buyers. These cars are privately owned and privately cared for--families' cars and enthusiasts' cars--not just dealer inventory bought at auction. We help our customers spread the word about their cars and serve as an advertising avenue and private party transaction facilitator. E-mail or call us to receive more details or to make an appointment to see any of the cars. And if you don't see a car you like, chances are we can find or create one to fit your needs.

1972 3.0CSL batmobile

1975 3.0CSi

1971 2800CS

1971 3.0CSL

1970 2800CS Project

1974 3.0CSi project

1967 2000Ca project

1970 2800CS project

1970 2800CS project

1967 2000CS--SOLD 5/21

1973 3.0CSi--SOLD 2/21

1970 Euro 2800CSa--SOLD 5/20

1969 Euro 2800CS--SOLD 11/19

1973 3.0CSa--SOLD 10/19

1967 2000CS--SOLD 6/19

1974 3.0CSi project--SOLD 6/19

1971 3.0CSa project--SOLD 1/19

1974 Euro 3.0CS project--SOLD 7/18

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