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1982 Alpina B7S Turbo--SOLD 4/15

Alpina green/green fabric-and-black-leather interior, low-production version of the Alpina 6-series model, of which only 30 cars were made. This is #26, and it has a 5-speed close-ratio transmission, the Pierburg injection system of the early B7 Turbo models (overhauled by Alpina), and all of the other upgrades Alpina made to its early 6-series cars. Always serviced by Alpina, it has a new original B7S stainless exhaust, 18" Alpina wheels from the E39, rear spoiler from the M6, and the original extended range fuel tank. Current owner has had it over 13 years. $35,000.

B7S nose

B7S L fr fender

B7S nose emblem

B7S R qtr

B7S L qtr

B7S front seat

B7S back seat

B7S steering

B7S gauge panel

B7S dash plaque

B7S extended range fuel tank

B7S engine L

B7S engine R

B7S muffler

B7S VIN plate

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