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1982 Alpina B7S Turbo--SOLD 11/12

Alpina green/black leather interior, low-production version of the Alpina 6-series model, of which only 30 cars were made. This is #14, and it has 83,000 original km on it. It also has a 5-speed transmission, the Pierburg injection system of the early B7 Turbo models, and all of the other upgrades Alpina made to its early 6-series cars. It has had an exterior restoration, as well as having its injection system and turbocharger overhauled--only a few thousand miles ago. It is in excellent condition, and is a very rare car--one of only two we know of in the US. $50,000.

B7S L fr eg

B7S L fr

B7S nose

B7S R fr

B7S R rr


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