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1972 Alpina 3.0CSL Barbasol tribute--SOLD 4/11

This car is a tribute to Alpina's demo car from 1972 known as the "Barbasol car" after its color scheme which resembled the packaging of a shaving creme of the same name. It was a test car for Alpina, and was featured in many publications at the time. This replica was built from a 1975 3.0CS, using an original Alpina engine taken from a B9/1 (E28) and an Alpina close-ratio transmission from an Alpina E12. It also has an Alpina oil-cooled differential, Alpina brakes & Alpina suspension, also from an Alpina E12. The wheels are 16" Alpina racing wheels, made new by Alpina for this car. The interior has Scheel seats, a dead pedal, and other CSL parts that were featured in the original car. $144,600.

Barbasol fr

H's CSL gathering 2

Barbasol R rr

Barbasol L rr

Barbasol L side

Barbasol R side

Barbasol windshield w/photo of original


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