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1982 Alpina C1/2.3--SOLD 5/13

1982 Alpina C1/2.3 Polaris/grey, E21 323i-based original Alpina, imported/federalized in '85, A/C, CR 5-speed, LSD, sunroof, extra gauge cluster, rebuilt head. Original driver's seat comes with the car (racing seat shown). Striped paint job applied by famous German artist, before import to the US. $9,000.

C1 L upwards

C1 R fr

C1 L fr on st

C1 R

C1 R fr

C1 hood detail

C1 eg R

C1 headers

C1 VIN plate

C1 Int R

C1 back seat

C1 dash ctr

C1 extra gauges

C1 dash plaque

C1 strg

C1 sunroof open

C1 trunk

C1 wheels

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