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  B-117 CSL Trunk Spoiler

Ducktail spoiler; wraps over quarter panels; exact replica of original w/rubber tip (also available all-fiberglass without rubber tip for $615)
  B-112 CSL Rear Wing Assembly, Complete

exact copy of original wing, 4-pc set (2 uprights, blade & trunk lid spoiler) with rubber edges on vertical & horizontal surfaces
  B-113 CSL Rear Wing Inner Spoiler (ducktail only)

(note: this part is included in wing assembly)
  B-114 CSL Rear Fiberglass Bumper

1-piece, made of fiberglass, has mounting brackets and center joint formed out of fiberglass, and brackets are reinforced w/metal
  B-111 CSL Roof Spoiler Assembly

exact replica of original (not incorrect copy sold elsewhere); includes mounting hardware & center support (also exact copies of originals, unlike those sold elsewhere)
  B-109 CSL Front Spoiler (street version)

this has round air ducts; '75 Alpina version also available (same look as this only w/Gr 2 square air ducts)
  B-110 CSL Wind Splits

exact copy with stainless bolts cast into bottom edge for attachment (replicas also available that attach w/double-sided tape; pls specify); sold as pair
  C-314 CSL Stainless Fender Trim Set

Sold separately for $475 ea; also have new aftermarket chrome or fiberglass sets for $430
  B-118 Scheel seat fabric set

3m of CSL fabric and 4m of vinyl to do all seats, armrests & headrests
  A-021a Aluminum Rocker Protection Screen - Left

  A-021b Aluminum Rocker Protection Screen - Right

  B-109a CSL front spoiler center bracket

for correct mounting of street & racing spoiler (currently n/a)
  B-119 Alpina front spoiler

"scoop"-type spoiler for under chin/behind bumper; late-type w/air ducts (early-type w/o air ducts also available; call for details)

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