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Stripe kits

  B-103 CSL Stripe Kit

6 pieces. All stripe kits here are normally black; specify color if different.
  B-104 CS Stripe Kit

6 pieces; "3.0 CS" on fenders; specify color (stock is black)
  B-105 CSi Stripe Kit

6 pieces, "3.0 CSi" on the fenders.  Specify color (stock is black).
  B-115 Tri-Color CSL Stripe Kit (9 pieces, including front spoiler stripe)

Colors are Motorsport colors: red, blue & purple
  B-116 "3.0 CSL" Sticker for Trunk Spoiler

stock color is black; can special-order most any other color (please specify); can also do this style of sticker with "3.0 CS" or "3.0 CSi" on it instead
  B-106 Front Spoiler Stripe

specify color and with or without "3.0 CSL" in center (stock is black)

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