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Trunk Trim

  D-482 Trunk Shock Tower Covering - Right

Single large piece only; also available as a set of 4 pcs for $625
  D-483 Trunk Shock Tower Covering - Left

Single large piece only; also available as a set of 4 pcs for $625
  D-484 White Rubber Edge Protector, for Trunk Shock Tower Covering

for D-482/3 (2 req.); used are $65 each
  D-485 Trunk Side Panel Covering - Left

specify for trunk lid or qtr panel
  D-486 Trunk Side Panel Covering - Right

specify for trunk lid or qtr panel
  D-488 Trunk Rear Inside Panel Covering

taillight surround, inside trunk
  D-489 Gray plastic/foam-backed trunk material (per meter)

"Elephant skin" used as covering for interior of trunk sheet metal.
  A-071 Trunk Seal

  A-072 Trunk Lid Tool Box, New

tools always sold separately
  A-073 Basic tool set for tool box

contains green-handled screwdrivers, wrenches, & pliars only; more specialized tools may be available new or used; inquire for others
  D-487 Trunk Carpeting

Specify interior color, and ditty box or not
  D-481 Trunk Floor Board - Left

for all but US '74 models; Right and US '74 models only available used for $175 ea; forward & vertical panels used for $100 each
  D-499 Fuel Filler Boot

rubber boot that attaches to top of fuel tank filler neck and to filler door
  E-501 Trunk Lock

Includes 2 new all-metal keys, cut to the lock.
  E-503 Trunk Lock Rekeying Service

  E-504 Trunk Key, Cut


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