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Scroll down to view a list of the door seals and parts for the BMW 3.0 CS coupe.

  D-401 Door Bottom Seal

Seal fits left or right. 
  D-403 Door (Dome) Light Switch Block

2 req
  D-404 Door Plug, Clear Plastic

Covers molding nut.
  D-405 Chrome Door Top Strip - Left [Used]

  D-406 Chrome Door Top Strip - Right [Used]

  D-407 Door Seal, Main - Left

On door frame (body).
  D-408 Door Seal, Main - Right

On door frame (body).
  D-409 Door Vent Squeegee Seal

must trim to fit
  D-410 Door Glass Squeegee Felt - Outer

L&R, in moulding on top of door/bottom of glass (2 req)(not original/must attach with adhesive)
  D-411 Door Glass Squeegee Seal

qty 2 on the car, at bottom of glass (outside)
  D-411a Door Molding Edge Seal

Sold by meter (4 meters required for the car)
  D-412 Door Rear Seal - Right

Vertical seal on back of door
  D-413 Door Rear Seal - Left

Vertical seal on back of door
  D-402 Door Vent Seal, L

  D-402a Door Vent Seal, R

  D-403a Door (Dome) Light Switch

specify L, R, or both (price shown is for L; R is $6)
  D-496 Door Mirror Assy', L or R

Specify L or R, early (trapezoidal) or late (rectangular)
  D-445 U-Shaped Felt-And-Rubber Channel

glass slides into, on door & qtr window; per meter
  D-500 Door Striker

on body (new style, plated)
  D-501 Door Striker Rubber Wedge

on door (rubber wedge)
  D-502 Door Latch Buffer

on lock mechanism, at rear of door (gray plastic)

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